hippieed perceptions

Just a punk hippie, book obsessed chick sharing my quite biased opinions on books and  whatever else flips my skirt at the time.  Especially if it's about kitties.  Or Jim Morrison. 

'Tis Me

I'm currently feeling a little self-serving, so I'm adding a little section all about me.  



Erika in a Nutshell


I'm a mom, wife, student, and apparent slave to a couple of cats and one dog that thinks he's a cat.  The hubs is in the Navy, so I'm also a bit transient and I love it. I get bored far to easily to live in any one city for too long.  Unless that city is New Orleans, then you'd have to drag me out kicking and screaming. 


On a more personal level, I'm an obsessive lover of music, books, movies, tv, cats, vinyl, nail polish, lip gloss, heels & Jim Morrison. Not particularly in that order and much to the dismay of my husband seeing as he is the one who has to deal with my obvious mania issues.  Luckily, I'm otherwise awesome and he agrees with me at least 75% of the time.  I tend to be a little vain too, he's also cool with that. Thankfully.  Otherwise, I'd only have above list to keep me company.   I'm attempting to reign in much of my craziness on here. Don't want to scare everybody off.  Initially anyway. 


So, I'm doing this whole Booklikes thing as a way to share my opinions at the behest of a few friends of mine that found my rampant book ramblings amusing. I tend to associate with like-minded individuals, so that may not bode entirely well with others. I find it amusing though and enjoy sharing my opinions, so I'll keep on keeping on and hope someone finds the amusement in it also.