The Devil's Reprise - Karina Halle



*Reprise is the second and last book in the Devil's Duology..


Oh Karina Halle, how I love you.  


I have four things that will never fail to terrify me.  Creepy kids, dolls, clowns, and demons/devil possession.  My parents traumatized me at a young age with Stephen King and the Exorcist.  I, to this day, maintain an irrational fear of that stuff.  So, a book series based around selling your soul to the devil and all of the frankly horrifying stuff that comes along with it? Win. Doing that centered around 70s rock?  Epic win.  


The general idea behind these books is just what I mentioned in the above rambling.  A band on the cusp of making it big, the young journalist who is chronicling it (yes, I just gave you the plot of Almost Famous) and then finding out that the lead singer is actually a massive idiot who made a deal with the devil with he was 17 and is due to cash in on that deal and become a member of the 27 Club.  Cue insanity.  Reprise picks up where the first book left off and takes you all the way to the end.  (Random side note, every time I type the end, I sing it my head like Jim Morrison does at the end of The End.  Kind of makes everything a little more ominous) And what an end it was. It wasn't necessarily scary, in the traditional way.  What it is, is a creepy as hell take on a contemporary romance novel. Karina Halle definitely paints a vivid mental picture of some disturbing things, while making you root for the couple to make it all the while wishing you had a fan.  It's something that this author does extremely well.  I think this one works even better for the author because she takes from her personal experiences as a rock journalist (sans demons) and music lover, so everything surrounding the experiences with Dawn as she follows Sage really resonates throughout both books.  It adds something extra that just not everyone can really nail...


Anyway.  I loved these books. They both hit the right combination of creep and cute that kept me entertained the entire time.