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The Stand - Stephen King

"He says, 'Hank Williams is one of the best. I like roadhouse music.' Then he says, 'I'm going to New Orleans, going to drive all night long. Is it the same? New Orleans?' And I say, 'As what?' And he says, 'Well, you know.' And I say, 'Well it's all the South, you know, although there are considerable more trees down that way. 'And that makes him laugh. He says, 'Maybe I'll see you again.' But I didn't want to see him again, Frannie. Because he had the eyes of a man who has been trying to look into the dark for a long time and has maybe begun to see what is there.  I think, if I ever see that man Flagg, his eyes might look a little like that."

   Stu shook his head as they pushed their bikes across the road and parked them.  "I've been thinking of that. I thought about getting some of his records after that, but I didn't want them. His's a good voice, but it gives me the creeps."

   "Stuart, who are you talking about?"

   "You remember a rock and roll group called The Doors? The man that stopped that night for gas in Arnette was Jim Morrison.  I'm sure of it."

    Her mouth dropped open. "But he died! He died in France! He-" And then she stopped. Because there had been something funny about Morrison's death, hadn't there? Something secret. 


Yes. 753 pages and that is what I decide to take the time to quote.  I like King's description of him, very fitting for the "last years" of his life.