Never Never - Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher

I'm still undecided on an actual starred review on this book, so I'm skipping that part for a bit until I can decide.

My initial thoughts on Never Never is a kind of apathy. I think that the writing was flawless, but I'm just not sure how I actually feel about the story itself. I think right now my biggest issue is with the fact that it did not come across as a book within a series, but it felt more like a volume in a serial. I knew going into the book that TaCo decided that they weren't just going to be able to complete this as a standalone like the initial plan was. So, I was expecting a cliffhanger. My problem is that the end didn't have a cliffhanger feel. I don't think we made it to the top of a cliff to hang off of. I have more of a I found a pretty right at this nice little plateau so I'm going to play with that and then take a nap before I continue up this cliff. Does that mean that I didn't enjoy the book? Nah, I think it will probably end up being freaking awesome when it's done. Which means, that I'm holding off on an actual rating until I finish up the series. That's probably a bit of a cop out, but I don't like to read serials until they are done because I don't feel like I can get a full idea on the scope of a story after just one volume to warrant a proper rating. So, even though this book is technically listed as a part of a series according to the authors, that's just not where I am at with it as a reader.