The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater

One of the things that I don't care for with audiobooks is my inability to highlight stuff.  I guess I could have taken notes as I was listening, but I generally listen in situations where I can't.  Anyway. 


I'll admit that I was incredibly surprised that I enjoyed this book as much as I did.  It usually takes me a while to get through audiobooks because it is hard for me to keep my attention focused, but this one kept me intrigued every time I was listening.  The story flowed well and the author was able to hit just the right notes with the intrigue to not make it feel YA, but still keep it YA.  Also, Will Patton was an outstanding choice as narrator.  I've always liked him in general, but he is outstanding as a narrator.  


I'm looking forward to seeing where the author takes the rest of this series, and listening to Will read it to me.