Confess: A Novel - Colleen Hoover




Every time I read a new Colleen book, I go into it with the hopes that I am finally going to love something like I did Slammed. I'll go through the first chapters and I'll think, this is it, it is finally going happen. And then it fizzles out. Confess was so close though. So close.


Even if Colleen's books haven't quite hit the mark for me, I find her approach to writing to be amazing. She doesn't just write a book, she writes an experience. Confess is an experience. Not only did she work with an artist to bring Owen's character to life, she brought in actual confessions from readers who were willing to put a piece of themselves out there. Honestly, those confession and Danny O'Conner's artwork made this entire book. They were the experience here. They were why I kept turning the pages. They overshadowed Owen and Auburn. How do you rate a book where you are in awe of an idea so much that it make the actual writing seem a little..less? Owen and Auburn were predictable. The writing wasn't bad, it was just expected. I knew the secrets and reasons before they happened, which made it hard to fully immerse myself into their story. My biggest gripe would be the ending though; it needed to be more than what it was. It made me sad, not because it was over, but because how it was over.


I honestly think that Colleen is something special. She is doing things that should make people stand up and take notice. I am, even if I don't feel that she has quite hit that perfect marriage between her ideas and her writings yet.