Thoughtful - S.C. Stephens

This pains to me to say, literally pains me, but I was not a fan. It's Kellan, so I should automatically love it, especially since I have a slightly irrational love of Thoughtless. Thoughtful, however, just did not work for me.


I think the biggest thing when alternate point of view books come into play, is that they need to really accentuate the previous book. I don't want to read the EXACT same book, just in the other party's view. It needs to bring something more to the series. The only more that Thoughtful brought was hatred. I hated Keira in Thoughtless. She was an selfish idiot who played with the hearts of two people. But seeing it from Kellan's view only made it so much worse. Not only that, it really made me wonder why he was even bothering. There was nothing in this book that gave me that aha moment. Kellan just came across as vapid and wanting something he couldn't have. He idolized a relationship so much that he took it for himself. I'm assuming that we were supposed to understand that there was just that spark that neither of them could control, but I was never in a position where I could do that. And Keira. Well, she was the same, but knowing exactly how messed up Kellan actually was over the entire situation just made her so much worse.


There were good moments though. I did like seeing the few extra scenes that we did get, but there just wasn't enough to do anything for the series as a whole. I also did enjoy being in Kellan's head for a while before everything went to shit. But there is just an overall sense of disappointment in both this book in general and the fact that even though I already knew that I shouldn't love Thoughtless as much as I do, this book hammers home even more why I shouldn't. And that sucks.