Where Sea Meets Sky - Karina Halle

Man, do I wish that I felt more with this book. I'm rounding up to 3, but that is being really generous because I am biased when it comes to Karina. I probably obsess over her and her books to a fault, even when I don't LOVE them. Seriously, she has her own shelf. It would be a little embarrassing, the level of my fan girl, if I was easily embarrassed.  Anyway.


One of the things that hooks me with Karina is how amazingly real her female characters are. They are imperfect, can be difficult or weak, and at times downright hard to like but you love them anyway. I have never been able to not connect with her characters, not be able to see pieces of who I was and who I am in them. And though I can still see those pieces that make Karina's characters so special to me, I wasn't able to connect with Gemma. Maybe it was her actions during the road trip or maybe it was her inherent refusal to be willing to connect with other people, I'm not really sure. I really wanted to find that connection though, especially to a character that struggles to form emotional attachments. It would be the pot calling the kettle black if I held that against her. But nonetheless, she and in turn the book never clicked with me.


There definitely were saving graces throughout the book though. The descriptions of New Zealand really spoke to the level of love and respect Karina had for the country and made me want to hop to next flight so I can see everything for myself. It painted such an outstandingly vivd picture. I felt like I was experiencing some of the trips right along with the characters. The side characters also packed a surprisingly poignant punch, especially Tibald and Amber. I guess I should mention Josh too. You know, the hot tattooed art student who dropped everything to travel to New Zealand to chase after a one night stand, only to deal with frustration and disappointment for weeks until Gemma pulled her head out of her ass, Josh. Do I really need to say more? Didn't think so.


So. I can't outright say that I didn't enjoy this, because that's not entirely true. I guess it is more along the lines of wanting and expecting more. Some could say it is a little unfair of me, but that's my opinion. I expected more from Gemma and Karina both, but I didn't quite get it.