Mr. Kiss and Tell - Jennifer Graham, Rob Thomas

Okay, so I'm biased. I can't imagine a world where I wouldn't give Vmars at least 4 stars.



Pro category.




I mean. It's probably not healthy to lust over a fictional character as much as Logan. But there it is. Logan as a driven Navy pilot? Please take my self respect now. I'm a sucker for a Navy uniform. Hell, I would pay money to convince my husband to actually wear his Navy uniform home more than once every 10 years but  he obviously holds some kind of secret resentment towards me (or the Navy, whatever) and won't put the thing on unless he is forced too. Back on topic. The entire arc with Veronica and Logan going back to sea duty hit a cord with me. In both the Navy aspect and the situation that lead to Logan joining the Navy. It's one of the many reasons why I can never bring myself to think anything but awesome of everything surrounding Veronica Mars. We get the sarcastically dry humor and real life experiences wrapped up in one package. We not only see Veronica work her cases, but we see her work through her life and all that it entails. Yes, it's a little fantastical the things that Veronica does, but underneath the fantasy is still real life situations handled in real ways. It's what made the show what it was (and yes, the canceling was a travesty and still deserves the ire that it gets even after all these years) and it is what makes these books readable.




Yes, I have cons. One, yes it's going to be selfish but it just was not the same not having Kristen Ball narrating the audiobook. Jennifer Graham didn't do a bad job at it by any means, but she isn't Kristen Bell. We have been spoiled by her narration of book one and there is really no going back for me. Sorry. Two, this book took a while to really hook you. Obviously, if you have watched the show, the movie, and read book one, you are going to keep going no matter what because we know that it will pick up. We Marshmallows have issues, but taste is not one of them. We know what we will eventually get. However, it just didn't suck me in at first like I expected it too, hence the 4 stars.


So, to sum all of this rambling up. If you read this because you are already sucked deep into VMars, you won't be disappointed. If for some reason you are coming into this without watching the show, movie or reading book one, please stop what you are doing and going back to square one. You won't be disappointed. And if for some reason you just didn't like Veronica Mars from the get go, you are wrong. That's probably mean, but I tell my own husband the same while I question how we have been together for almost 10 years. Maybe that is why he only breaks out his uniform on occasion. Keeping me hooked with his freaking dress blues.