The Law of Moses - Amy Harmon

I feel like I've kind of reached the point with this entire genre that it truly has to be nothing short of amazing for me to be happy. More often than not lately, I feel like I'm missing the train when I don't fully understand the massive hype around a book. But, anyway.


There was so much in this book that I wanted to love, but there was just so much in this book. Too much. Too many story-lines competing with each other for dominance. Did everything come together at the end? Yes, there was a reason for every single aspect. That is one of the things that I liked about this. Amy Harmon was able to weave a thoroughly in-depth story line and not leave any loose ends having. I also loved Moses and Georgia, but especially Georgia. She was a great character the entire time, one that you can actually like and respect. Moses was intriguing, cracks and all. Even Tag was a good side character and was intriguing enough that I look forward to his book.

So, what was the problem? Despite liking so much, when I finished the book I didn't get any more out of it than "oh that was pretty good". No major feelings, good or bad. It was just a good read. I'm not sure there is anything specifically that I didn't like. The biblical stuff, the paranormal stuff, the sad twist...I was cool with it all. I guess that's the problem, I was just cool with it all. Nothing struck a nerve or a cord. It filled my time without feeling like I was wasting it, but it wasn't anything that I'm going to be thinking about for days or weeks to come.


To put a little bow on this neat little package, most people will probably love this book. It has a 4+ star average rating. It's a good book. For the right people (i.e. a not completely cynical bitch who can still be moved by the 5 greats and believes in the power of forgiveness. I'm pretty sure I missed that boat), it is probably a great book. Even despite not being overly excited about it, I'd still probably recommend this book to someone who wanted something in the uplifting category.