Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews

I've been holding out on 5 stars for this series because I wanted to save it just in case.  I have reached my just in case.  Seriously, if the rest of this series actually gets better, I may actually implode from joy.  



See what I did there?  Ha. Anyhoo, not literally.  But still.  I love Kate so much.  So much.  Who else would do something like this to the Beast Lord of a pack of over 1500 shifters? 


"Yes I can," he snarled. "Listen: this is me telling you what you will not do."

I raised the cookbook and tapped him on the nose.  Bad cat.  


No one, that's who.  I can't even.  


Off to obsessively read the next two books so I can then proceed to impatiently wait for the next one.  I'm thinking I probably should have held out until the series was done.