All about me!

Since we've had a massive followathon lately, I'm joining the crowd and doing a semi brief introduction.  


Hippieed or HP for short here.  Or Erika for those curious.  The name comes from a play on hippie with my initials on the end because despite my husband wondering if I am a closet serial killer I am actually a flower child stuck in the wrong era.  My list o' interests include reading, music and collecting vinyl of all kinds, tattoos, shopping, running, Disney World, my kids, kitties and Jim Morrison.  


I'm sporadic on my choices in books and what I end up reviewing.  I don't really stick to any genre, but I'm one of those people that when I find something that I enjoy I end up sticking with it so long that I overdose and then avoid for a while because of that.  I currently ODed on contemporary romance, so it will probably be a while before I can convince myself to go back to that one.  Right now thanks to fellow booklikers, I'm on Ilona Andrews and won't stop until I've read everything they ever wrote.  Kate Daniels for the win!  As for reviews, I don't really review, more like just ramble on and occasionally throwing in a gif when I feel like it.  I tried for a while to be more technical with my reviews, but I didn't really enjoy it so now I just talk about books like I would with my friends.  


Anyhoo.  That's it for now but I'm going to leave you with my favorite Jim gif ever.  Long hair don't care.  



God, I love him so much.  If I had a time machine, I have no shame in admitting it would be taking me back to 1967 era Jim, you know before he went completely off the deep end, though I love that Jim too.  I love all Jim really.   Jim.