Doctor Sleep - Stephen King

That was definitely not what I expected going in to this book.  I actively avoided reading any reviews or anything other the synopsis because I wanted to go blind into this one.  I'll admit that when I found out this was a sequel to The Shining, I was expecting something scary, or at the very least edge of your seat thriller the entire time.  I didn't get that at all with Doctor Sleep, but you know what...I'm okay with that. 


It was weird for me while reading this, initially I was a little bummed out because I knew a quarter of the way through that this book wasn't going to play out like I had thought it would (really, could the True Knot be any less scary? Not really, no), but as the story in itself came together, I appreciated where King had decided to take Dan's story.  Seeing him come full circle to follow along in Dick's footsteps, albeit less dangerous footsteps, just gave you a sense of fulfillment.  The icing on the cake, though, was that scene on the roof of the world, if you've read it you know the one...


So, yes.  It was nothing like I imagined and nothing that I thought I would have wanted with this book until it was over either.  


Funny how that works out sometimes.