Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews

Burn for Me -  Ilona Andrews

Hello Mad Rogan.  




Honestly, going into this book after this massive Ilona Andrews readathon, I wasn't expecting much.  I kept thinking that how it just isn't statistically possible to enjoy every single book I've read by this duo.  And yet, here I am regretting every moment of the last couple of weeks of reading these books knowing that I now have to wait to continue on with this and the Kate Daniels series.  Why did you do this to me people?  I can't even.  


I see great things out of this series, Nevada in particular.  As much as I love Kate, Nevada provides a kind of freshness with her character.  She isn't a trained killing machine with a deadly bloodline with slightly stunted ability to form connections. She genuinely loathes and regrets the actions she is forced to take to save herself, her family and her city. Her level of empathy for people, even for people are do not deserve that empathy, just adds to her character.  That fact provides an even greater level of intrigue as we watch Nevada learn to navigate the life she has been thrown into both professionally and personally with Rogan.  I can't really say that she is better or more interesting than Kate, but she is incredibly different from her and also from Rogan that it just creates an entirely different dynamic to the story.  As for Rogan..well he is the complete and dangerous antithesis of Nevada.  Theirs is a relationship that I cannot wait to see unfold.  It is going to be great. 


I cannot wait for October.