Another Kristen Ashley Book.

Ride Steady (Chaos) - Kristen Ashley

It apparently doesn't matter how disappointed I have been in recent KA books, if I see one I just can't stop myself. It's a vicious cycle that I just don't see ending. How can I not give the person who brought me Luke, Joe and Tate a chance? Anyway.


This one wasn't bad. If you love KA unconditionally, you'll love Joker. Hell, even I loved Joker every time he got in the vicinity of Travis. I don't even like babies, but hot tattooed bikers with babies?

The rest of the book, eh, it was good but it was the issue that I have had with the vast majority of KA's latest. It is the same story, different people. She knows what works and she stays there, which isn't really a bad thing because it makes her fans happy. My issue is that the characters that I obsess over aren't being topped with her new books. These books are decent, but they aren't even close in comparison to KA guys that I started with. I read these books and would just rather quit and re read older books instead.


I really want something NEW from KA. Even if she sticks to the same general genre, I want a freshness from the characters that we just are not getting.