The Witch with No Name - Kim Harrison

I've been reading at any spare moment the last couple of weeks trying to get this series done before the husband got home from deployment.  No time for internet but I managed to get 13 books read in less than 2 weeks.  Priorities. 


I'm pleasantly surprised with how strong this entire series was.  Even the books that I didn't absolutely love were still incredibly entertaining. I chalk a lot of that up to Rachel.  She was real even despite being incredibly frustrating with her cluelessness at times.  Her (and Trent's) character growth throughout the series adding that extra touch to making this series work for me.  I love strong female characters, but I also love strong female characters who have no clue how strong they truly are at first and have to grow into themselves.  When it's done right like this, it just adds layer upon layer to the character's story arc. 


Anyhoo.  As a whole, I loved this series.  Some books were stronger than others as per the usual for a series of this length, but the overall impact of this series was awesome.