The Soul Eater series by Eliza Crewe

Cracked - Eliza Crewe Crushed - Eliza Crewe


So, the hubs and I went to San Francisco over the weekend for a kid free vacation.  I needed an book for the flights and I've had Cracked sitting on my kindle for a while so went for it.  I have never been so grateful to that flights from Florida to Cali last for hours and hours and hours because that meant that pesky things such as sightseeing didn't interfere with my reading time.  


I LOVED this series and Meda in particular.  She is literally the perfect anti-heroine.  I wish she were real so I could girl crush on her a little bit harder.  


Anyhoo.  I'm still sucking at the whole forming actual thoughts to go into reviews (i.e. I'm too lazy to think) so I'll keep it short.  This is a YA paranormal sans romance, it's got the whole demons/Templars/God/Angels etc thing going on without being overtly "religious" in nature, it has interesting characters at all levels of good, bad and good & bad in the mix, it is immensely readable and book 3 comes out on the 17th of this month so no miserably long wait for the next one.  So, it really is a complete win/win situation.   Read this series.