End of Days - Susan Ee

Well that wasn't exactly a disappointment, but I'm not jumping for joy either. I get so excited for these final books to come out and when they actually do I can't bring myself to read them for fear of disappointment. Then I finally hype myself up enough to do it and hello unhappiness. It's a vicious cycle.


So, thoughts on the ending.


"Yay Raffe has grown and changed after thousands of years and realized the error in the thoughts of Daughters of Man so he and Penryn can actually be together so take my wings and we'll build a farm! Woo. What about every single other storyline in the series, all of the unanswered questions, Paige, the locusts, the whys as to exactly why Uriel decided to start the apocalypse? What, you still care about all of that even with Raffe and Penryn? Really? Are you sure, because it's Raffe and Penryn together. Their relationship was surely the only reason you were reading, yes? No? Oh, well..look it's Raffe and Penryn together, kissing, giving up his wings, his Watchers finding freedom to find new Daughters of Men and living happily ever after. Aww, how sweet..."