Another Bandwagon! But 15 to be difficult.

1. Kristen Ashley 49---Umm, yeah.  I can't quit her.  And she's actually written 49 books?  For non KA readers, I love her but seriously she has written the same book over and over again.  And yet, I still read them. But fair warning.  Same books.  

2.  Karina Halle 27-- I lllooovveee EIT.  Ghosts, skinwalkers, demon possession, creepy clown lady, creepy kid ghosts, dead leper baby peeling off it's skin to play with while crawling up Perry, zombies, etc.  It has everything.  Dex and Perry 4 evah!  

3. Robert Kirkman 18-- Do graphic novels count?  Thankfully I didn't count them one by one or this number would be outrageously high by now.  

4. Tennessee Williams 16--Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Streetcar Named Desire.  Need I say more?  I love Tennessee.  

6. Charlaine Harris 14--Sookie Stackhouse.  Time I'll never get back.  

6. Karen Marie Moning 14--Two words.  Jericho Barrons. 

6. Ilona Andrews 14--And counting. 

9. Kim Harrison 13--Nothing witty here.  


10. J.R. Ward 11-- I made it as far as Torh's book and then called it a day with BDB.  I'm surprised I made it that far honestly. 

11.  Colleen Hoover 11-- I loved Slammed and it's sequels, now I keep trudging through her books determined to love another one of her releases for more than the idea behind it.  One day. 

11.  Jennifer L. Armentrout 11--Meh, I dug most of the Lux series but everything else was average. 

14. Molly Harper 10--I kinda want to reread the Jane Jameson series. I need to check if she has anything else coming out soon. 

15.  S.C. Stephens 9--Kellan Kyle!  Another one that I enjoyed one series and then read everything else to get the dreaded meh.  Story of NA. 

15.  Stephen King 9-- Only 9?  Really?  I need to rectify that. 


So overall thoughts.  I really need to expand my horizons.  I knew that already, hence the NA/Contemporary romance hiatus after my obviously massive binge in recent years.  I'm thinking more horror, paranormal and catching up on my classics as I have the time. But man... 49 Kristen Ashley books.