Kate Daniels!

Magic Shifts  -  Ilona Andrews

I read this in one sitting and I am now filled with regret for not waiting until closer to the release date for the next one.   Thank Jim that the Andrews duo do not follow in GRRM's writing footsteps.


 This book wasn't quite as strong as the last couple that I have read.  There were moments where it dragged* ever so slightly, but it was nothing that really detracted from the overall story line.  We still had all of the awesomeness that you've come to expect from this series in general.  My only issues that I missed more of the boy wonder and I'm really, really ready for Kate and Curran to move on to the next level.  The little hints we got toward the end helped ease some of that pain though.  I'm just ready for the next one already.  


If you aren't already, read this series, people!   





*Do you use dragged or drug?   Growing up Southern, I heard drug used much more often than dragged but drug just doesn't sound right to me.  I had one of those moments where you forget exactly what word you should use, so had to google to find out for sure, lol.