Christine by Stephen King

Christine - Marie Milpois, Stephen King

I have a love/hate relationship with Stephen King.  I love his books, but man can they be hard to read.  But I digress. 


Christine definitely isn't my favorite King to date and oddly enough part of that reason was because of the movie.  I say that not because the movie was a miraculous work of art, but rather because I just found it scarier how the relationship between Arnie and Christine was portrayed in the movie.  A car as a sentient being in a warped possessive kind of love with her owner is, in my mind, far creepier than one that is possessed by it's epic douchebag of a previous owner determined to get back at all of the shitters.  


However, I really liked how in depth King took the possession storyline in the book.  The level that it was taken, the imagery behind some of the scenes was everything that I love about reading King's books.  I generally have a very vivid imagination, but I love that I really can't think of much creepier than those of the images that he can portray though his books.  It makes me all happy inside to get genuinely disturbed by some of the mental pictures a person can invoke.  


Anyhoo, so overall.  Not terribly scary, better and worse than the movie for different reasons but there were still moments where I wondered if I'd be able to look at a Fury the same way now.  So it's still a win, even if it isn't as much of one that I would have hoped.


Now I need some more horror to read.  I want to not be able to sleep well at night after I finish...