Wicked Ever After - Delilah S. Dawson


I'll admit that I only made it to book 2 in this series prior to reading this and it was a struggle to actually finish book 2 for me. I'm unsure if book 3 and the other novellas would have changed my opinion of this book entirely, but honestly I came for Criminy and Tish. I don't care about anyone else, however I may check out Demi's book at some point now.


Anyhoo. I loved getting this final glimpse of Criminy and Tish. And Criminy. Did I mention Criminy? No? Well, Criminy Stain. He is one of my favorite Bludmen/Vampire characters ever. Dawson does amazing things with his character, to the point that even when you hate Tish, you still love her a little because he loves her so much. The love, the snark, the vicious, the smarts...you just can't go wrong with his character.

Now on to the downside. I don't generally don't care for Tish unless she is with Criminy. Thank god, she usually is. There is just something about her character that I can't bring myself to love. So, the entire storyline with her and her Nana just bored me senseless. You understand the reasons behind the entire storyline, but at the same time it annoyed me how THAT storyline was what finally spurred the advancement of Tish and Criminy's relationship. So, you lose some you win some I guess.


Overall, you won't really enjoy this if you aren't already accustomed to the awesomeness that is Criminy Stain, but even then (for me at least), some of the magic that was Wicked As They Come was lost in this book. However, even if wasn't the same, Criminy was still capable of spinning his own wicked brand of magic in this book as well that makes it more than readable. A definite must read for fans.