Bitten - Kelley Armstrong

This book pretty much defines slow burn. You spend chapters just trudging along page after page liking what you are reading but not really loving it. You like Elena. You like Clay. But still, you just continue to trudge along. Somewhere around the midway point, you notice that the pages are turning a little faster, the chapters are ending a little quicker and you are getting a little snippier when you are interrupted for the bazillionth time (Holidays, gotta love them). And then, you are flying through the pages until you get to the end and you wonder what is the crap just happened. You've been reading the first half of this book for DAYS, wondering if you were ever going to finish and then get to the end and you end up very grateful that you married someone who doesn't read on a regular basis or else your kids would have starved to death if it wasn't for him. So, props to the husband for not letting us starve to death and also to Kelley Armstrong for surprising the hell out of me with the latter half of this book. I'll definitely be checking out the subsequent books in the series, but really, really hoping that they don't continue on with quite as much of the slow burn.