Super hot Navy Seal falls instantly for equally super hot even at 6 months pregnant mom with 4 kids all 6 or under?! Oh, how unbelievably sweet.



So, maybe I should have known better from the get go. Sugary sweet is not my thing. I'm generally not a super nice person who falls all over herself when disgustingly adorable kids say disgustingly adorable things. The scene where the chick loses her mind over little chocolate hands all over her $500 white pants? Yep, that's me without the expensive pants. And I have 3 kids. Poor things.


If you are cool with absolutely unbelievable adorableness that makes you feel "wucky" to be reading such cuteness, this is for you. I can't knock the writing or the idea behind the storyline, even though it did drag on for a relationship that went so fast, because it wasn't terrible. This was just strictly my bad for even thinking that I would be okay with the cuteness.