The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

Hello, unadulterated entertainment.


This is another one of those books for me that, while it definitely won't be going into my holy crap this is the best book of all time category, it was entertaining as hell. The opening page just set the tone so well, radiating such creepiness that I knew that I was going to like was I was getting into. The thought of aliens transmitting their essence in utero to prepare for some epic takeover of humanity? Yes, please. I can't say that the entire book held to the same level of creepiness (it is a YA book after all) but it still succeeded in making you wonder if just maybe one of your children has a little something extra going on.


And because I can't not complain about something, the one scene that was straight out of Full Metal Jacket had me rolling my eyes with a fury. Yes, yes--aliens learning from about humanity from movies, books, etc but seriously. I was waiting on him to accidentally call him Joker. But whatever, at least he used a good movie as "influence".