That cover! That book!!

F*ck Love - Tarryn Fisher,  Madison Seidler

"Let people feel the weight of who you really are, and let them fucking deal with it."


This is Tarryn's 8th novel and I'd easily rank it as one of her best yet. I spent hours with my heart in my throat savoring all of the words and emotions wafting from the pages. Tarryn styled this book as the rise of the villain, when Helena decided to get her man, anyone else be damned. It's so much more than that though, so much more than Helena and Kit's love story. It's the rise of the villain, Helena becoming herself, everyone else be damned. I think of out of all of Tarryn's other characters, Helena has been my favorite. There is just something about her that made me fall in love with her. On the downside of that though, and the only thing that made me not want to love this book at times is that I fucking fell in love with Helena. I spent so much of the book wondering what in the hell was wrong with Kit. I'm glad that he grew up in the course of the book as well, but did it ever take him long enough. But that is life, sometimes it takes a long fucking time for everything and everyone to fall into place. When it does though, life is so much sweeter because nothing worth having is easy. Not relationships, not yourself. But at the end of the day, this is why I love this book. It's perfect in it's flaws because even when I wanted to scream because I hate that it took so long for Kit and Helena to come together, the fight was beautiful.