Dirty Promises - Karina Halle

**Definitely take heed of the warnings on the graphic content of this book. When Karina says dark, she means it with a fiery passion. Triggers abound in almost every chapter, if you generally avoid them this series is not for you.**

This hasn't been my favorite series of Karina's. I know, I know that isn't the best thing to say, but it's the truth. However, this book really brought everything to an amazing (and disturbing) crescendo. My biggest issue with this series as a whole was the speed at which is progressed and because of that the character development never..developed. This book though, it was just SO dark and twisty and every single character was beyond fleshed out. You thought you knew the inner workings of a character before this book? You don't. I promise. I thought I could see things coming, but then it would just be so much more graphic, so much more violent and somehow so much more loving? That's not the right word, but Javier just does something to me. Even when you are like, whoa, what just happened there..the way that Javier and Luisa work with each other (and against each other) is just magnetic. It makes you feel dirty for loving them, especially Javi. But you still do even when you think he is a flipping scary as crap sociopath and Luisa is a crazy woman who needs to be committed, preferably to a convent where she can be completely safe from herself. But hey, if Karina can do that and STILL make you feel for both Javier and Luisa, she is doing something right. Now I'm going to take a shower and cuddle some puppies or something.