Veiled - Karina Halle

So good. So, so, so good.


EIT is one of my favorite series of all times. Dex and Perry? Ada? Those wonderful gingers? All of the yes. So, of course when I first found out years ago that we would get Little Fifteen (now Veiled for those not in the know), I was pretty much dying from excitement. Then it got postponed indefinitely. I'll admit that I little part of me died when I found out despite the sound reasoning behind it. I'm not going to fault a writer for not being ready to write. So, needless to say when Veiled first showed up on Wattpad, there was a crazy mix of excitement with a little bit of freaking out. How in the world was this going to compare with something like EIT?


Let me tell you that it does. Is it the same? Of course not. Ada and Jay more than hold their own. It still has all of the creeptacular (hello.. the Nun) scenes that you would expect from this world, but the undercurrent behind it is different. It feels different. It's Little Fifteen and she is all grown up, a force to be reckoned with and you (and Jay) are hung up on her every word as you go along for the ride. And what a ride it is. Every single page keeps you on your toes, wanting to know how everything is going to play out. You are invested from jump, whether you were already a fan or not. To add even more, Karina gives this book that little freaking bow on the top by making sure to really throw in things from past books for her fans...Dex, Perry, the new neighbors (YAY!), and of course learning more about the Jacobs. Insert fangirling noise here.


Anyway. Read this book. Read it. Just do it. If you loved EIT, you should have already read it. If you didn't love EIT, see if this one flips your skirt the way Dex didn't. What are you waiting for?