Cole - J.B. Hartnett

Just 3 stars for Cole. I liked Inky, it had a solid plot and was engaging once I finally sat down and forced myself to get into the meat of it. I ended up skimming quite a bit of Cole though. The cliffy ending was wrapped up pretty quickly, not with a bow but enough that I really didn't think too much about it afterward. However, that made all of the filler in between that and the wrapping of the bow (finally) at the end seem to drag on and on. I had no clue why we were going through so much minute detail for a while that I just got annoyed and skipped through a lot of it to get to the ending. I assume some of that was setting up for Nico's story though, yeah? Anyway. Cole was good, but if I could have cut out some (most) of the filler, I would have liked it more.