Unattainable - Madeline Sheehan

4.5 Stars

Another F'ing awesome book from Madeline Sheehan. With this being book 3 in the series, I am hesitant to actually review because it will just end up with me fangirling all over the place rather than forming any coherent thoughts on the actual book.

This book was primarily focused around Cage and Tegen, and while they had a good story, it was Ellie and Dirty that really shined for me. I actually wish that we would have gotten two separate books here because I would have loved to have gone deeper with Dirty. Ha. Anyway. That is my only complaint, and even then it isn't a complaint to want an author to write even more because you just can't get enough. Oh, let me change that statement. I would also like to complain about the freak out that I had over a certain scene toward the end of the book. Totally not cool to do that to someone who forms unhealthy attachments to characters in books. Seriously.

As for the 4.5 stars, it's the same as my review for Unbeautifully. I loved it, but it still didn't beat the complete and utter badassery that was Undeniable for me.

Now, onward to Hawk! (Jase and Dorothy too I guess)