Arsen - Mia Asher Book funk is over. My heart is effing broken right now, but once I recover from that killer epilogue I may attempt a review.

So, it has been a few days now and I am still thinking about this book. With contemporary romance being the bulk majority of what I have been reading lately, it is so easy for pieces of books to meld together and I'll forget about those books that are good, but forgettable. That definitely has not been the case for Arsen. The main characters are so fleshed out and the storyline is (sadly) incredibly believable that it really adds something special. I've seen a lot of shade thrown at the main chick, Cathy, and while she definitely does not win any kind of wife of the year award, her pain and doubt really resonates and makes you...maybe not understand her actions per say, but understand her pain and self-loathing. However, if anyone deserves to be bitch-slapped repeatedly , it is Cathy. She is the poster child for a major lack of communication skills within a marriage. She isn't the only party that is guilty of that though. I'm probably not going to be the norm, but I had a harder time understanding Ben more than any other character. I wish we would have seen more from him throughout the book. He was a Denny for me and I hate that. So, now on to Arsen. I'm biased, because I very much team Arsen. I hated Cathy more for Arsen than Ben. Yeah, I know but whatever.

Anyway to avoid what would be an ode to the wonder that was Arsen, this was an amazing first book for Mia Asher. Much props to her for ending my seemingly never ending book funk.

And seriously, she really needs to consider Arsen here. Really. I'm still dying over that epilogue. Just throwing that out there.