Seize Me (Breakneck, #1) - Crystal Spears Spoiler(s) abound ahead.

So. 2 stars. Seize Me was a huge case of trying way to effing hard to write a "gritty & raw" MC book and not quite making it. There is a fine line to walk between actually being gritty and raw and just being pulpy entertainment. Let's take SOA for example, since I know that practically everyone who even considered reading this book is a fan. It has humorous moments thrown in to offset all of the seriously bad shit going down. The key to this is that it's at the right moments and you understand why the hell the humorous crap is there and when it is there, it was actually meant to be funny. Now on to my point in the book. And the spoiler. Just a fair warning again. Winter (the lead chick) gets kidnapped and from previous parts of the books, we know some seriously bad shit is about to go down. Bad dude calls the biker boyfriend, biker boyfriend has phone convo with said bad guy and then hears this... "Don't fucking touch me! Noooo... Noo... Noo... Gummmmmmmmmyyyyyyy beeeeeaaarrrrrrsssss" and said chick gets slapped and bad shit proceeds to happen. I completely understand the gummy bear obsession. I have had 4 bags of gummy bears (Haribo brand is where it is at) so far this week and it's only Wednesday. They are the shit. But, honest to god, if I am about to have all kinds of bad stuff go down with me, that is not what I'm going to be screaming. And therein lies my problem, some parts of the book detracted from a storyline that was supposed to come across as gritty but instead just made me wonder WTF. Maybe it's my fault that I didn't get it, I compare books to other books that are similar to it. I probably should be less biased, but whatever. Anyway, I liked a lot of aspects with the book, with some better editing and gritty/pulpy line straddling it has potential to be a good series.

So there, I probably came off as a bitchy hater, but it is what it is. I didn't get it. I wanted a gritty, badass biker book. It was uncomfortable & sad at moments and others I wondered why did we get that wrapped up with a pretty little bow on top. If you are going to go hard, go hard all the way.