Independence - Shelly Crane So, I'm reviewing the entire series here. I am not a fan of reviewing books in a series separately, especially when they are all a continuation of the story. Anyway.

I liked the Significance series. Just liked it. I read it while on vacation at the beach and really it was perfect for that. It was super easy to read, the characters kept just enough of my attention to keep me reading, but not enough that I couldn't quit reading to hang with the fam when they decided that I was ignoring them far too much. The only real downside for me was that I really wanted to connect more than I did. The first and third books really did it for me, but I kind of lost it with the books in between. Maybe more drama? Or maybe I'm just bouncing genres too much lately to make a unbiased (as unbiased as I can get anyway, I'm a judgmental person, whatev) judgement. But all in all, I dug the series as a whole.