Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover I've been on a serious love/romance book kick lately. They aren't my usual thing, but I kept seeing reviews from friends on here and finally decided to give a few a shot. Cue obsessive the reading. Of all of the books that I've read this week (and it's been a lot), this is above and beyond my favorite. Slammed really goes beyond a love story for me. It took me through the complete emotional gauntlet. It introduced me to a band that I've never heard that I really should have.

The relationship between Will and Layken is just one of many in this book. Between them, Layken and her mother and brother, Will and Caulder relationship and then their relationship within Layken's family, Layken and Eddie, and Eddie and Gavin, you are able to gain a depth of understand of the characters that is sometimes lacking in other books. And then you have the Slams, which in and amongst themselves, feel like a character. It's a way to really feel the emotions, rather than just read them.

The twist that put the wrench in Layken and Will's relationship was one that I didn't see coming and then the author throws another one in for good measure. It broke my heart for both of them. If a couple can be able to move on through what was thrown at them, as a couple and as separate people, it's nothing short of amazing. The mass of what happened to them has broken and will continue to break people, so seeing them come out, not unscathed, but fighting for themselves and each other nonetheless, was truly was made this book.