Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley It just isn't possible for me to put any kind of half way decent review here. So, I'm not.

I LOVE Kristen Ashley and anything she writes. Even at her worst, she is badass. And thankfully, Own the Wind was as far from her worst. I just can't review anything KA writes anymore, it just comes across as insane fangirling. So, read it. Check the read order for all of her series if you haven't read anything by KA before. Though, it doesn't really matter because you get a feel for everyone that shows up, but it is easier to get the full picture of the awesomeness that you are facing when you her books.

I'll leave you with this biker profession of love. Swoon.

“You love me?” I whispered. He turned slowly to me and the muscle in his jaw kept ticking until his eyes locked on mine. “You lost that guy, respect, you found the strength to carry on. Know this, Tabby, I lost you, it would be sixty years of goin’ through the motions. I know that in my dick. I know it in my gut. I know it in my heart. I know it deep down in my goddamned soul.”