Double Time - Olivia Cunning Some tiny spoilers...

Oh, how I loved this book but there was still a few small problems for me. One, it was definitely a mistake for the publishers to release this book third when it should have been last. It doesn't take anything away from the book itself, but it does take away from the series as a whole. It was the last book, it ended on a great note that made me all butterflyey inside that the Sinners all found their family with others and together and because of that, I don't know that the next two books will give me that feeling like this one did. Two, I didn't care for the stalker-esque storyline. It didn't seem to really fit since it was such a small part that it seemed to be randomly tossed in to fill a couple of pages. It didn't really detract from the story, it just didn't really add anything extra for me.
Now, onto the good stuff. I guess that would be pretty much everything else in the book. I loved Trey, Reagan, and Ethan together. I loved reading how they navigated their relationship, it was able to show how seemingly unconventional relationships aren't as unconventional as one might think. It was loving and not angsty in the slightest once Trey was open about his feelings. And the sex scenes had me fanning myself. Yum.
Overall this book just made me happy, I just wish it would have made me happy at the end of the series rather than in the middle.