How to Kill a Rock Star - Tiffanie DeBartolo

I knew it from the moment where Eliza prayed to the god that is Jim Morrison. That this is THAT book for me. You know, that book that speaks to you in such a way you are almost positive that the author wrote it specifically for you. That book that resonated so much that you don't think anything will ever be as good as what you just read. That book that is just YOU. 

I don't think it is possible for me to fully explain what this book meant to me. It is such an amazing work of love, loss, growth, heartache, and music. The driving life force that is music. How music can shape people's lives, for good and bad. How music can teach you how survive. How it can teach you to live. How it can teach you to love. How music is LIFE. That is what makes this book special for me. It is the story of two people who live and love music so much that it shapes every aspect of their lives, including their relationship with each other and the people surrounding them. 

Tiffanie DeBartolo is able to write in such a way that you are there with Paula and Eliza. You feel everything they are feeling. You understand their actions and reactions, even when you don't want too. You reach the highs with them, and you die a little with them too. Maybe it's because I feel like I could be interchangeable with Eliza, but even then I attribute that to the author's ability to write such characters in such an amazing and realistic way. 

HTKARS is just an amazing book. Who should read this? Everyone, really. But if you are that person that lives and breathes music, who can read a book with a character that has a tendency to be full of pretentious ramblings about musical genres and completely understand, the one who just psychically can't imagine a life without music... This is the book for you.