Taking Chances (Taking Chances, #1) - Molly McAdams What in the hell did I just read. That was my reaction when I got done. I have honestly never outright hated a book for completely irrational reasons. So, I'm giving this 3 stars, but only while under duress. I know that it was a technically a good book, but I'm still so pissed off over it that if I could break out the negative stars, I would. I'm trying to not be completely irrational over it, but the fact that I was up until 6 in the morning so upset over it, that I'm still too bitter to form any rational thoughts other than anger.

Yeah, so I guess all of that rambling goes to show in who my feelings lied between Brandon and Chase. While I'm okay with who ended up together (I'm lying, I'm beyond not okay), seriously, why in the hell did it have to happen that way. Okay, I get WHY exactly, but still. I spent the entire last half of the book skimming it and trying to convince myself that it didn't happen in between my tears and frustrated mumblings. I couldn't even be happy for Harper. Irrational, I know, but I don't care. However, despite all of that the fact that I'm still complaining and desperately trying to forget that I ever read the book and because of that I'm forgoing my negative stars and giving it 3. I may not like it, but it definitely packed one hell of a a punch.