Seducing Cinderella (Fighting for Love, #1) - Gina L. Maxwell It's more like 3.5 stars for this, but I'm a pessimist so I must always round down rather than up.

So, now that I have met Reid, I'm becoming a book-boyfriend whore at this point, I'm stacking them up like there is no tomorrow. It took me a little while to get into the book, but when it finally picked up it kept me hooked until the end. I heart Reid and the way that he went about helping Lucie find herself. She didn't need a fairy godmother to transform her, she just needed someone to help pull her out of her protective shell and Reid did exactly that. I liked that it was a sweet story without a shit ton of angst and melodrama for a change, but yet it had just enough to keep you plowing through the pages. It's a good book to use as a chance to recover from some of the more head bashing into wall from frustration books out there.