Undeniable  - Madeline Sheehan I straight up loved this book. Loved. It was gritty, disturbing, scary and wonderful all wrapped up together. It covers everything from (seriously) questionable morals, rape and murder to family and love. I read another review that described it as Sons of Anarchy on crack, and it is a very fitting description. You see the scary (seriously jacked up scary) side of the club life, but allows you enough that you, despite all of that, you still root for the characters. Deuce and Eva were a couple that despite everything, and believe me there is a lot, I loved from the get go. They are both flawed people, Deuce more so than Eva, but given the life they have lived how can you expect anything else. All of the shit that they put each other and themselves through only made the story that much more interesting and kept me plowing through to see if they find their happiness with each other. The writing was a bit flawed, but the story was beyond compelling enough that I don't think I could have cared less while I was reading it.

And seriously, I'm going to have flashbacks when it comes time to put up my Christmas tree. Shudder.