Pet Sematary - Stephen King This book truly scared me. It wasn't as scary as the Shining, it didn't have me running as fast as I could up my stairs because I thought I heard a ball bouncing. Or Salem's Lot or It, would just screwed up my sleep patterns for days. But it scared me. It scared me because if I was Lou, and I knew that there was a place that could bring back one of my children if they died, I would take the same chance. Without a doubt. Just in case, my kid would be the apparent fluke that came back okay, maybe not right but okay enough. I would know that the evil in the land wanted me too, and probably caused the accident to happen, but I would still do it. And then if my now evil kid killed my husband and friend and I had to reverse what I'd done. I'd drag my husband up there and try it again.

That is what makes this book so scary. While it isn't evil hotels, vampires, and an incredibly creepy clown that forever ruined the circus for me, it's something else. It's the knowledge that I'd do the same thing that Lou did, just in case.