Effortless (Thoughtless, #2) - S.C. Stephens While I really, really liked Thoughtless, I liked Effortless a just little bit more. After such a huge, emotional journey for Kiera and Kellan seeing them together made me happy. Effortless has it's heart-wrenching moments, but it is essentially seeing two people come to terms with each other and their relationship. It's the usual question, how do you come to completely trusting someone when your relationship started out as an affair? Seeing the love, but also the doubts and questions was hard. Trust is something that is hard pressed to be freely given. Trust is even harder when you've put each other through the emotional ringer like Kiera and Kellan did. Add a cross-country tour into that and that trust is even harder to come to terms with. Maybe I liked this book because it was less Denny. Yeah, he was still there, but I was able to brush past him. He wasn't a major part, he was there to help Kiera and Kellan come to terms with what they did to each other. And when Denny finally admitted what I was thinking the entire freaking time during Thoughtless, that he was a shitty boyfriend who put his job first, he was going to Seattle with or without her and he didn't consider her, even though she uprooted everything to be with him, when he initially look the Tucson job, I finally stopped completely hating him. Kiera and Kellan weren't the only ones that did some growing up.

And like Thoughtless, Griffen was there to lighten up the load a little bit with his douchbaggery. I like his and Anna's non-relationship. I did enjoy having more of Anna and Jenny in this book. They both were a good buffer from Kiera and Kellan. As much as I like those two, I enjoy having a mental break from them, albeit small.