Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1) - S.C. Stephens I loved, loved this book. I read twice, just for good measure. I wanted to hate Kiera, torn between two guys and tearing all 3 of them apart. But I couldn't really hate her. You have Denny, the nice guy that you think that everyone should love. And then you have Kellan, the bad boy who can literally rock your world. You can understand her attraction to Kellan, but she has a Denny and he's amazing why would she want the bad boy? And then Denny leaves for work. Kiera falling on Kellan as a friend to help her get through her first separation and eventually things start to shift to not quite so platonic anymore. Denny has been pulling away, not calling for days at a time because he is so focused in his work, when finally he breaks it to Kiera that, even though she dropped everything to move thousands of miles away from him, he took a job hundreds of miles away from her. I couldn't really resign myself to liking Denny anymore after that. She breaks it off with him and finally the building tension between Kiera and Kellan breaks. Denny, of course, rushes back to her but the deed has been done. From here on out, the emotions between the three of them is palpable. She loves Denny, but can't deny that there is something major between she and Kellan. It's at times frustrating, her inability to choose between the two. You just want to slap some sense in to her. It's such a roller coaster of emotions between all three of them, but honestly the person that I felt the most for was Kellan. He wanted so much to not hurt Denny, but wanted Kiera too much at the same time. And Kiera, wanted to want Denny and to not hurt him, but the pull between her and Kellan was just too much, at times amazingly loving and other times amazingly volatile. And Denny, well, honestly I didn't care too much about him. I wished through most of the book that he would just go away.

The band members and friends were a nice side note for the book too. Where many books like these, the core relationship plays such a major part that the other characters are kind of forgettable, you can't forget Griffen. Despite his major douchbaggery, he did provide some much needed relief from the frustrations.
Evan, Matt, Jenny & Anna are still in the background quite a bit, but they still give you just enough to keep you thinking about them too.

But all in all, this was just a really good book. It was a story that made me want more. I read Effortless like there was no tomorrow. And I'll be up ridiculously late to read Reckless as soon as that comes out, which is not soon enough.