Retribution (Mystic Series #4) (The Mystic Series) - B.C. Burgess

Retribution is the 4th book in the Mystic series, and the first that I am reviewing. I think anyway. I tend to not like reviewing books in a series separately, since I think that a mediocre 2nd book can be made up by an outstanding rest of the series, etc.  I'm stopping now though because I see a trend that is continuing with the series that is finally starting to drive me crazy, even despite the fact that this is an outstanding series... 


The first half of ALL of the books in this series drags on. And on. It was okay in the first couple of books, because the author is amazing at weaving images through words. But the further into the series that we go, the less I care to read all of that and the more I want to skim through it to get to the meat of the book. I plow through though because I know that it will be great once I finally get there. And obviously given, the 4.5 stars, the ending is enough that I only want to take away a half star from the book as a whole. 


Anyway, there isn't really a solid reason behind this review, because if you have made it this far into the series, I know that there is nothing that can be said to turn anyone on or off of this series. It's amazing. I just wanted to throw my complaint out there.