Rock Me  - Cherrie Lynn

I have been in one of those, I have no idea what type of book that I want to read, moods lately. I lost count on how many books that I have started and stopped recently just because I get a few chapters in and decide, no thanks. So, what do I do when I just have to read something (so I can procrastinate on studying for my Anatomy midterm since it automatically sends me into a crying jag just thinking about it. So, procrastination for the win!) Anyway, back on topic. Brian Ross, that's what I do. I'm a book boyfriend whore. I pass myself around with absolutely no qualms about it whatsoever and Brian Ross is still in my top 5. Rock Me isn't a prize winning book. Even in the genre, it isn't one of those I can't believe I just read this super awesome amazing book!  books. But Brian Ross is. I heart him and he offsets any shortcomings in the actual book. 


And so finishes my ode to the awesomeness that is Rock Me, or that book that Brian Ross is in.