Day 3 o' 30 Day Book Challenge- Favorite Series

I seriously should have known not to have thought that this challenge was going to be a good idea. Picking one favorite out of this has sucked. Anyway. Trying to decide on my favorite series has been miserable.  I have retyped this post out a few times already with a different choice each time. I'm finally landing on this one though.              

I absolutely loved EIT and every book in the series never fails to leave me absolutely astounded by Karina Halle. I would like to say that of all of the series that I was debated for this, this has been the only one that I haven't reread yet. But the kicker on that is that this is the only series that I was so utterly enthralled by that I made sure not to miss a-single-fucking-word just in case I missed something. There are still two books left in Dex and Perry's story and Karina Halle cannot write fast enough to make me happy.