30 Day Challenge--Day 4. Favorite book in a Series.

I've got the urge to break out a Captain's log for the remainder of the days in this challenge. It would make things far more interesting. For me anyway. It would probably be boring as hell to read a Captain's log for anyone else who reads this.  Anyhoo. 


My favorite book in the previously mentioned wonder that is Experiment in Terror.   


This was an easy one for me for two reasons.



1. Skin peeling, creepy giggling, Perry climbing, Zombie Leper Baby. Not kid (which are creepy enough themselves), but a baby. How's that for a mental picture? It creeped me out to start with. Now, imagine a few days later, when you are in the cadaver lab during Anatomy class, studying the muscles, when suddenly you get said mental picture above. I almost embarrassed the hell out of myself by acting like a chick over the cadaver. After I recouped myself (only a few minutes later, mind you), I proceeded to bow down to all of the wonder that is Karina Halle for managing to creep me out days after I finished the book. 




2. Our first taste, albeit it a small taste, of Perry/Dex sexy times.  I really don't need to embellish on that any more, do I? 


Dead Sky Morning was that book in the series where, when you finish it, you sit back and realize that you are reading an amazing series.  The previous two books were good, but it's this one that really sets the bar for things to come. And does it ever come..