30 Day Challenge--Book that makes me sad.

I don't really any have any interesting/snarky/sarcastic (enter whatever term you'd like that talks up my awesome skills here) for this one today.  I'm still reeling from the almost kitty-takeover of the rescue at work today.  Those cats were not happy with anything today and let it be known.  Anyway.  Book that makes me sad..




Forbidden was nothing short of amazing, but horribly difficult story of forbidden love to read. It really goes against everything I said in yesterdays book challenge about all books making me happy.  This one does not. At all.  It was SO heart wrenching that I just kind of sat around for a while after finishing trying to process and come to terms with what I just read. I was so distraught that I couldn't even cry and I really, really wanted to.

I also wanted to throat punch the author and then ask her for a hug.