30 Day Challenge--Day 8

Most Overrated Book. 



Oh ho ho, this is one of those loaded categories. I'm not going to even bother with narrowing it down to one. I'm not one to turn down a rant. So. 



Okay, I'll stop at that nice, even number.  Let me preface by saying that I didn't hate any of these books.  It's more of wrapping my brain around how said book managed to get picked up to be published for bookstores while other far, far superior books (ahem, EIT) still haven't. I'm not even going to go into the whole fan fiction thing on the first three.  I could have continued on this, with say Lord of the Rings, but that would bleed into my books that I hate category so I'm going to skip that one today. Anyhoo.  All of these books also continue the rest of the books in the series. Especially the wonder that was Walking Disaster. I should have given that mess it's own picture really. So, let's break this down. 

Fifty Shades. Did I like it? Yes. It started this whole obsession that I've have with contemporary romance. Is it beyond overrated for it's genre? Without a doubt. I tried to reread this after I've read a ton of other erotica/bdsm books and Fifty is really laughable at this point.  Should it get credit for swinging the door for erotica wide open to the mainstream? Yes and no.  It was already mainstream, but now it's "cool" for everyone and their grandmothers to be reading this. And that is sad, because seriously there are so, so, so much better books within this genre to read. 

I'll skip City of Bones because my explanation for that is pretty simple.  I didn't like it and didn't get the hype.  Jace and Clary both annoyed the everloving shit out of me. How in the world that spun off of HP fan fiction is still beyond me, but I never read her Draco stuff so I have nothing to compare it too. 

Gabriel's Inferno was BORING. Boring. I still don't know if I finished it and that frustrates me because I bought the second book a year ago and still haven't been bored enough to convince myself to read it. I'm saving it for when I have surgery. Maybe being laid up in the bed for a few weeks will finally have me tempt fate enough to read it. Gabriel and Juilanne are just completely uninteresting characters. I've always wanted to read Dante's Inferno and this book actually makes me want to not read it. If it spawns pretentious pricks like Gabriel, it's totally not for me. (No, I'll read it. Even I'm not that dramatic)

Bared to You. I'm actually leaning toward the rest of the books being overrated.  This series should have been one book. Why it is a 5 book series is beyond me. And how is this going to make a good tv show? 

Beautiful Disaster. Well. I actually liked this the second time I read it and knew what I was in for. It's the one that I hate the least in this group.  That does't mean that I get the fanaticism behind it. Or the fact that it has been optioned for movie rights.  And Abby.  Egh, she is among my least favorite book chicks. 

And finally Hush Hush.  It's better than say, Fallen (which I won't even say is overrated, it's just bad) because I actually finished this entire series but there are far better books within the genre.