The Virgin Suicides: A Novel - Jeffrey Eugenides




I'm kind of wavering on the actual rating for this one. This isn't a book that can be enjoyed, how can it when it's about 5 teenagers committing suicide.  We don't get any insight or answers as to why because we are obviously only getting outsiders' perspectives and opinions on it.  However, that's not why I'm struggling with the rating. I am actually having a difficult time distinguishing between the book and the movie.  The entire time I was reading, I was seeing the movie in my head.  In this case, it isn't a bad thing because I loved the movie and it was one of the closest adaptations between the two that I have seen. The downside of this was that I couldn't distinguish between the two. I don't think that I would have been able to find the book as hauntingly beautiful as I did had I not previously seen the movie. The book alone just came across as too...clinical for lack of a better term.